Afterward: Thoughts on Empathy

In my pre-departure journal, I spoke about race and racial stigmas or stereotypes that exist in the U.S. After reading it over again, I have realized that most of these feelings about race are due to guilt or blame. They happen because we dehumanize individuals by placing them into groups that can only have a […]

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Kente and Adinkra

Today we learned all about kente cloth and adinkra symbols. Kente cloth originated in Kumasi, the capital of the Asanti people. Kente cloth used to be for royalty. The king and the chiefs used to wear it, but now anyone can wear it. However, the cloth does more than cover the body; it tells a […]

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Culture and Authenticity

Both “China in Africa” and “The Case for Contamination” reflect on the changes that societies undergo. Change is not always bad, and often the bad, even when it’s minute, overshadows the good. The first article follows the writer’s discovery of the multitude of Chinese in Ghana and some of the views Ghanaians have towards them. […]

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Castles and Christianity

The past two days I have spent at Elmina and Cape Coast slave castles. I knew that these days were going to be emotionally hard going in, but experiencing it in person was far worse than I ever could have prepared myself for. Both castles were almost replicas of each other. They had pure white washed […]

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