The Ganges: Pure and Polluted

The Ganges River, or Gangaji, is the second most polluted river in the world, according to science. However, if you ask one of the bathers in Varanasi, they will argue that nothing can pollute the river because it is holy. Science and religion have different definitions of pollution, which has had catastrophic effects on the Ganges. […]

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Violence Against Women in India

Today is the day you’ve been looking forward to. You’ve been asking for a sibling for as long as you can remember. Your whole family has waited in anticipation for the birth. As you sit in the hospital with your family, you notice everyone is on the edges of their seats. It’s like they’re on […]

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Fisheries and India’s GDP

Overtime, natural resources decrease in quality and quantity when a government encourages its people to focus on development more than preservation. This is the case in India.  People encroach upon India’s environment in many ways due to the government’s constant encouragement for economic development above all else. Dr. L. Venkatachalam of the Madras Institute of Development Studies […]

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A Mosaic: India’s Unity in Diversity

Picture a beautiful mosaic with each unique tile adding a new dimension to the masterpiece. A mosaic requires heterogeneous features. For without the dissimilarity, one could not label it a mosaic. The diversity is exactly what unites it. The same is true for India. India is home to a pluricultural civilization whose polity is organized around […]

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Thoughts on Tourism

I have been reflecting on what it means to be a tourist, especially a tourist in India.  When I think of visiting Europe, different feelings enter my head than what comes to mind when traveling to parts of Asia, Africa, or even South America.  Why? Is it the difference in culture?  Language?  People?  Clothes?  I’m […]

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Before India

When I think of India, numerous images and emotions come to mind. Instantly, I picture the red and yellow colors of the festivals with thousands of lights flickering as women dance in their saris. I taste the flavors of curry and saffron in my favorite Indian dishes. I remember the instructions my friend gave me […]

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